Ecology has no borders

Our Project

By Julie Pasquet – Founder

Up For Europe is a tour of Europe to bring together European youth around a new European narrative, that of an ecological and social Europe. The aim of this tour is to meet students in their universities in order to create a unified European network of committed young people, but also to bring strong political proposals to the European decision making bodies in order to face the climate challenge. Our tour will take place from March to June 2020: we will visit 16 countries during 3 months and the last month will be dedicated to political advocacy in Brussels. We want to make the voice of youth heard and to defend a real ecological and social justice in Europe.

Who are we?

We are 9 young people from 20 to 24 years old, united by the desire of raising awareness on ecology and moving ahead on these topics.

After following different school curricula, we joined Up For Europe after our studies to engage all together in a strong human adventure.

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Support Us


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