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Up for Europe 2.0

Up For Europe is a team of 9 young activists making a tour of Europe to raise awareness and engage young people on environmental issues.

In 2020, the first version of the project aimed at meeting students in their universities in order to create a unified European network of committed young people, but also to bring strong political proposals to the European decision making bodies in order to face the climate challenge. Because of the sanitary sacntions, the first team had to stop their tour after their first stage in Valencia. They decided to recruit a new team that would take on the project in 2021: Up For Europe 2.0.

Our new Up For Europe team has redesigned the tour according to the new constraints of the sanitary conditions in Europe. During our tour from March to June 2021, we will organize workshops and animations with the european youth in a diversity of places (streets, hostels, associations, universities, ecovillages), giving us greater flexibility to adapt to the constraints of each country.

During our tour, we will shoot a documentary showing our actions and giving the voice to the youth about ecology. This will allow us to collect and summarize the ideas and initiatives of the youth to create a better world. We will carry their voices across Europe and finish our tour in Bruxels to meet the European political stakeholders who defend an ecological Europe.

After the tour, we will travel again to show the movie in festivals, schools and youth organizations throughout Europe. We hope to inspire people and create an engagement for ecology.

Who are we?

We are 9 young people from 20 to 24 years old, united by the desire of raising awareness on ecology and moving ahead on these topics.

We joined Up For Europe after our studies to engage all together in a strong human adventure.

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Support Us


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