Our Actions


Throughout this journey, we want to bring out the words, ideas, testimonies or feelings of young people towards ecology. We particularly target young people between the ages of 15 and 30, from all backgrounds and walks of life. For this purpose, we will propose several workshops in which we will be able to address several themes with the public, in different places and different formats. We wish to intervene within associations, schools or universities but also in the street thanks to our workshops “Porteurs de paroles”.

Our privileged spaces to organize our workshops are the following:

  • High schools and universities
  • Public spaces, street
  • Eco-places and “alternative” spaces
  • Neighborhood and youth houses
  • Association premises
  • Youth Hostels

Our different types of workshops :


The street and public spaces are key places to raise awareness and mobilize youth. They will enable us to reach a wide audience and to take into account the constraints related to the health situation in each country. We will propose three street workshops.


Collective Reflection Workshops are group workshops that allow to discuss specific themes in order to find ideas together through different points of view.



The objective here is to initiate a deeper shift, that each one builds his own radicality, and his own way of approaching the ecological problem as a whole. Finally, the idea is also to facilitate, firstly, the emergence of welded local communities, supported at the European level, and then to allow the formation of a coordination of actions at the national level, around a raison d’être emerging from the young people themselves.

These events will be organized with the precious help of the associations we will have contacted beforehand.

Beyond these workshops, we also rely heavily on informal moments of exchange to share and discuss with the young people our vision of the world today and our aspirations for the future.

We also hope, during the exchanges with the students, to encourage vocations, to inspire them and to convince them to commit themselves, with us or on their side by setting up their own projects.

After the tour

Up For Europe will not stop at the end of June 2021! Indeed, the months following the tour will be used to edit the documentary and testimonies received during the meetings. Beyond the tour, Up For Europe is a human adventure to which we wish to bear witness. We plan to visit French schools/universities in order to organize conferences, workshops and meetings to publicize our initiative and motivate other young people to take up these European subjects.

Advertising regulation

CAP (Common Agriculture Policy)

Climate finance pact



Energy precariousness

Environmental accounting

European citizen assembly

Fishing and marine spaces

Imported deforestation

Kerosene tax



Rail transportation

Regulation of lobbies

Trade agreements