Our Actions


We will work with one or two universities, pooling our activities, which are divided into two parts:

  • A first part for the general public, open to all, with 3 distinct conferences. A first one to inform on current environmental issues, based on our personal stories and on the scientific conclusions of the last 50 years.
  • A second one to imagine with the participants a new story for tomorrow’s Europe, and finally a third one to reflect on radical and meaningful political proposals. A second part in smaller groups (20 people maximum), gathering us, with the participants, for two or three full days of sharing, workshops, and informal moments.

The objective here is to initiate a deeper shift, that each one builds his own radicality, and his own way of approaching the ecological problem in its globality. Finally, the idea is also to facilitate, in a first step, the emergence of local communities, supported at the European level, and then to allow the formation of a coordination of actions at the national level, around a raison d’être emerging from the young people themselves.

These events will be organised with the precious help of ambassadors who will be our relays on the spot before, during and after the tour.

Beyond these workshops, we also rely heavily on informal moments of exchange to share and exchange with young people on our vision of the world today, and our aspirations for the future.

Our policy proposals will not be elaborated during the workshops, they will be constructed beforehand, together with European NGOs, lawyers and political decision-makers (who will collaborate on their behalf and not on that of their party, as our project is meant to be a partisan one), and will be amended, validated, rejected or replaced as we discuss with the students.

We also hope, during the exchanges with the students, to arouse vocations, to make them change and to convince them to commit themselves, with us or on their side by setting up their own projects.

We prepare our workshops in collaboration with several specialized associations: MakeSense, CitizenShip and Avenir Climatique.

Actions in Brussels

We would like to invite young people we have met during our trip to Brussels during the last month, so that we can have more weight in front of the European institutions, and to better represent the scope of the project, which aims to be European and not exclusively French. During this month in Brussels, our objective will be to initiate changes within the European institutions, through meetings with parliamentarians and members of the Commission. We will organize militant and citizen actions with the students who will join us on June 19/20/21. Do not hesitate to join us in Brussels during these 3 days of gathering!

Finally, in order to prepare our actions in Brussels, we are in contact with NGOs that are permanently present on the spot in order to build a network. In order to collaborate as efficiently as possible with them, members of the Up For Europe project have visited Brussels several times in the last few weeks.

After the tour

Up For Europe will not stop at the end of June 2020, we will continue the follow-up of the projects initiated by the young people we will have met during the tour, via the ambassadors on the spot. The form of this follow-up remains to be defined, but it seems essential to us to accompany these projects, as well as to have an organisation managing these relays in all the countries of the European Union in order to give strength and legitimacy to youth advocacy on climate issues at the European level.

Indeed, we intend to complete this network with students from countries that we will not have been able to visit during the tour, either remotely or with a second tour focusing on these countries.
We also plan to visit French schools/universities to share our experiences after this tour. It seems essential to us to organise conferences, workshops, meetings all over France to make our initiative known and to motivate other young people to take up its European subjects.

Also, in order to contribute to the project’s influence, Victor, an audiovisual student, will be in charge of making videos of our different European stages.

Advertising regulation

CAP (Common Agriculture Policy)

Climate finance pact



Energy precariousness

Environmental accounting

European citizen assembly

Fishing and marine spaces

Imported deforestation

Kerosene tax



Rail transportation

Regulation of lobbies

Trade agreements