Corentin Consigny


Who are you?

Corentin, student in engineering school at CentraleSupélec, currently on a gap year, I just came back from a 6-month internship in Dublin.

What made you engage yourself?

A deep personal questioning a little more than a year ago got me on track, and my commitment has deepened through encounters with other committed people.

Why did you get involved in Up For Europe?

Because I wanted to be part of a project that goes beyond national borders, and to show that if the powers in place can’t be agents of change, youth can and will be.

3 adjectives for tomorrow’s world / Europe?

Solidary, sober, resilient

Last oeuvre that marked you?

Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty, a complete and factual analysis of the unequal societies of yesterday and today, with enlightening proposals for the future.