Hugo Paul

Who are you?

Hugo, student in engineering school at UTC, I’m always looking for new human adventures!

What made you engage yourself?

“It all begins with an encounter”

Why did you get involved in Up For Europe?

My commitment to Up For Europe can be explained in one sentence: “Ecology has no borders”! In the face of the climate emergency, we must come together and carry out joint projects for climate and social justice. Let us use our cultural and historical differences to respond to one of the greatest challenges ever faced by humanity.

3 adjectives for tomorrow’s world / Europe?

Diverse, natural, united

Last oeuvre that marked you?

A Short Instruction Guide to Daily Resistance by Cyril Dion is a great book to understand and apprehend the different architectures of the current system. It was the trigger for my understanding of the systemic nature of the problem we face!