Julie Pasquet

Who are you?

My name is Julie, I’m 22 years old, I’m the founder of Up For Europe and I’m in a double degree at Sciences Po Toulouse and Toulouse Business School.

What made you engage yourself?

Encounters and the people around me, what made me engage myself were the others! I realized the extent of the ecological and social crisis by meeting committed people, by sharing, by going to meet actors of change.

Why did you get involved in Up For Europe?

One year ago I imagined the Up For Europe project: I had this will to federate students beyond my country and to move the lines on a European scale. The European Union must become an example in terms of progress for climate and social justice!

3 adjectives for tomorrow’s world / Europe?

Fair, Human and Ecological

Last oeuvre that marked you?

Le Siècle Bleu by Jean Pierre Goux: one of the best books I’ve ever read! A thrilling, realistic, and action-packed environmental thriller that makes you want to act now.