Nicolas Hassanaly

Nicolinho, Nicoco, Nicos, Coni or Nico


Who are you?

I live to play football, laugh, dance and sing, love and cherish, read and think. These last two things have led me to become aware of the great crises that our society is going through, to understand them and to think about solutions. Today this is reflected in a progressive change in my way of life and a spiritual awakening.

What made you engage yourself?

The first time I was revolted by this society was five years ago while watching The Truman Show. Then nothing much until my humanitarian trip to Madagascar a year and a half ago, where I saw the impact of Man on his environment. On the way back, I dug and I didn’t come across any oil, but it was black anyway.

Why did you get involved in Up For Europe?

I believe there is no truth, but only convictions. Up For Europe is an opportunity to meet other young people, to see how cultural differences affect perceptions of these major crises. Going towards the other, because it is together that we can get out of those crises. And although sceptical about a political outcome, it could only be European for us. To live a new experience without any particular expectations is for me a good definition of life.

3 adjectives for tomorrow’s world / Europe?

Spiritual, resilient, small-scale

Last oeuvre that marked you?

Mutant Message Down Under, by Marlo Morgan. A message and a testimony of another way of life, an utopia already realized, but in the process of disappearing. It’s quick and easy to read, it’s a must-read.