Romain Olla


Who are you?

I am a student in engineering school in Nantes and currently in a gap year, full time in a movement that aims to accelerate the ecological, social and democratic transition: La Bascule!

What made you engage yourself?

The realization in 2017 of the ecological crises and my lack of understanding of why this subject was not at the heart of our societies! Since then, I have been enormously involved in many associations and it is really in action that my awareness has accelerated!

Why did you get involved in Up For Europe?

I have been quite involved at the local and national level on ecological issues and I realized that a lot of decisions on ecological issues are made at the European level (even if the changes will come from the local level) and that young people are too little interested in this scale!

3 adjectives for tomorrow’s world / Europe?

United, Cooperative, Resilient

Last oeuvre that marked you?

Crépuscule by Juan Branco, a critique of the power in place and in particular of the links between E.Macron and the great fortunes of France! And more broadly of the links between the political, economic and media world at the highest levels. In short, a big questioning of our democracy!