The Project

Up For Europe was born from a dream: to unite European youth in the face of environmental challenges. Convinced that Europe must play a major role in this fight, we are going to intervene during 4 months in different universities in order to carry out participative workshops and conferences on the environmental issue. Through our interventions, we wish to transmit the keys to young people so that they can act locally in favour of the ecological transition.

We will travel through 16 European countries and we will end our adventure in Brussels, where we will defend this corpus of proposals before the European institutions.

Our goals

1. Raising awareness

Through our workshops and animations, give the most important keys of understanding to think about the ecology of tomorrow.

2. Imagine

Projecting ourselves collectively into the future to help each one find his way.

3. Promote

Introduce local and international networks to help young people get involved.

4. Document

Collect and synthesize the ideas, initiatives and proposals of the young people we meet.

5. Advocacy

Taking the voices of young Europeans to the European parliamentarians and commissioners in Brussels.

Our values


It is through the connection between young people from all horizons that we will overcome our differences to imagine together the Europe of tomorrow!


We want to transmit a positive movement, energy and tools that empower people to act and make a difference, at their own level and beyond!


Collective intelligence is a powerful catalyst for moving from reflection to action. We are going to stimulate it as much as possible during our workshops and animations !

Practical information

📅 When will this tour take place?

Between March and June 2021, if the health situation permits it.Moreover, we will test our workshops in France and in neighboring countries before the trip. Finally, back in France, we wish to continue our adventure with local workshops and discussions about our trip.

💬 In which language will our workshops be conducted?

In English, in order to be able to communicate and exchange with participants from several countries. Occasionally, we wish to conduct the workshops in local  languages with the help of a  facilitator. That will help us to reach an audience that is less confortable with English.

🚊 How will we travel?

We will mainly travel by train thanks to the Interrail program that covers all Europe. Train is currently one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport. Occasionally, we also want to hitch-hike: the opportunity to meet locals and talk about ecology on the way!

💼 What is our status?

Up for Europe is a project linked to the association Together for Earth: a federation of youth movements for ecology in France. We are a non-partisan European project (not linked to any political organization) but not apolitical: we believe that young people have the right to a political voice and that it also needs to be relayed in the European institutions.

Our dream team