The Project

Up For Europe was born from a dream: to unite European youth in the face of environmental challenges. Convinced that Europe must play a major role in this fight, we are going to intervene during 4 months in different universities in order to carry out participative workshops and conferences on the environmental issue. Through our interventions, we wish to transmit the keys to young people so that they can act locally in favour of the ecological transition. The objective is to create local groups in each country, in order to create a network of committed young people on a European scale with whom we will carry out 10 strong measures for a more ecological and social Europe.

We will travel through 16 European countries and we will end our adventure in Brussels, where we will defend this corpus of proposals before the European institutions.

Create a collection of 10 concrete measures to be taken and defended in Brussels by young Europeans.

Our goals

1. Raise awareness

Raise awareness, hand over and share the keys to understanding climate and environmental issues in Europe.

2. Create

Create a collection of concrete policy proposals that will be promoted and defended in Brussels by young Europeans.

3. Gather

Gather and unite all driving forces of youth for an ecological and social transition in Europe.

Our values

🔨 Action

There is no time left to wait, so we must act! Through the construction of a corpus of proposals that come directly from the students, we will seek to find concrete and achievable solutions. By creating a network of associations and students, we will gather our strengths and make our voices heard even stronger.

🗺 Diversity

Our project is intended to be inclusive at all levels. It is thanks to the heterogeneity of the members of the Up For Europe team, but also thanks to the plurality of universities and students with whom we will collaborate.

🔥 Optimism

Despite the urgency and the possibility of a collapse, the project aims to give hope, to move the lines with optimism. We are not optimistic about the current state of our planet, but we want to be agents of change and for this, we need positive projects.

Practical information

📅 When will this tour take place?

Between March and June 2020.

💬 In which language will the tour be conducted?

In English, in order to be able to communicate and exchange with as many young people as possible.

🚊 How will we travel?

We will travel by train thanks to the Interrail programme which travels all over Europe. In addition, the train is currently one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport.

💼 What is our status?

Up for Europe is a project linked to Together for Earth: the youth movement for the protection of the planet in France: a movement in which students are actors of change and carry projects. We are a European project linked to no political organisation. On the other hand, Up For Europe is not apolitical because we believe that our European representatives have a role to play in addressing climate issues. And it is also up to young people to encourage them to act in favour of the transition! 

Our dream team

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